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Need a Custom Search Engine Optimisation Report?
Operation: Google front page?

If like many organisations, you are a little uncomfortable giving administrative access to your website source code to SEO specialists, and would rather perform any necessary seo analysis or search engine optimisation changes to get your website on ‘Google front page’ yourself, then our SEO Ranking Report & Website SEO Analysis Audit reports will enable you do just that (If you would rather we manage the SEO analysis or changes required to optimise your website SEO for Google front page, Bing, and Yahoo etc, please see our S.E.O Packages page)

Upon purchase, we will send you a full set of SEO Ranking & Website SEO Analysis Audit reports, freshly executed against your website, for your chosen search terms/phrases (and including your chosen competitor comparisons). The optimisation / SEO analysis reports include full recommendation actions required to enhance your website optimisation (typically to Bing, Yahoo, and Google front page), and once you have performed all (or a collective amount) of changes/updates, we will rerun & forward an updated set of SEO reports. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary. (the initial SEO Audit Report package includes 3 sets of SEO reports, but further sets are available if required)

SEO Ranking Report (Set of SEO Analysis & SEO Audit Reports).

Search engine visibility SEO audit report (SEO report by keyword)

  • Search engine optimisation report – Total visibility statistics – Graphical representation with Historical tracking.
  • Search engine visibility by individual search engine – Graphical representation
  • Top search engine ranking overview
  • Search engine optimisation report – Ranking detail per keyword, by individual search engine

Competitor search engine visibility SEO audit report (SEO Report by keyword)

  • Search engine optimisation report – Summary visibility statistics (by site, Inc competitors comparison) – Graphical representation with Historical tracking.
  • Search engine optimisation report – Detailed visibility statistics (by site, Inc competitors) by individual search engine (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)
  • Search engine optimisation report – Detailed ranking statistics (per keyword,  Inc competitors) by individual search engine (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)

Domain strength audit report

Detailed domain overview summary report including:

  • External Domain Characteristics
  • General Domain name information
  • Number of pages indexed, per search engine
  • Domain listing in major web catalogues
  • Key backlink profile statistics
  • Domain’s social media popularity (Inc. monthly visits)
  • Traffic statistics for past 30 days

Keyword SEO ranking report

  • Keyword ranking report per search engine, by individual keyword.
  • Keyword ranking report per individual keyword, by search engine – Inc Graphical representation with Historical tracking.

Keyword research report

  • Keyword rating by Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) – Graphical Representation.
  • Keywords Traffic – Graphical Representation.
  • Keywords KEI Details (per keyword, inc Ranking, Search Volume and Competition statistics).
  • Keyword Traffic Details (per keyword, inc expected and actual visitor counts).

Website traffic report (Comparable over Time).

  • Number of visitors for given keywords (using Organic Search) – Graphical representation.
  • Traffic Summary by Keywords – Graphical representation
  • Traffic Summary by Page – Graphical representation
  • Keyword bounce rate – Graphical representation
  • Page bounce rate – Graphical representation
  • Visitors per keyword – Full List by individual keyword.
  • Visited Pages


Website SEO Analysis Audit Reports.

Page structure SEO audit report

Individual web page audit report covering:

  • Individual Web Page Statistics
  • Social Activity
  • Search Engine Cache Dates
  • Web Page Content Statistics
  • Web Page Structure Statistics.

Webpage optimisation report

Extremely Thorough & in-depth SEO audit report, per webpage complete with colour coded, statistical information covering:

  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword Count
  • Word Totals
  • Overall Optimisation Summary
  • Title Optimisation Status & Recommendations
  • Description Optimisation Status & Recommendations
  • Keyword Optimisation Status & Recommendations
  • H1 Heading Optimisation Status & Recommendations
  • H2-H6 Heading Optimisation & Recommendations
  • Bold Text Optimisation Status & Recommendations
  • Italic Text Optimisation & Recommendations
  • Link-Anchor Text Optimisation & Recommendations
  • Image ALT Attributes Optimisation & Recommendations
  • Body Text Optimisation & Recommendations.

This SEO audit report also includes details of each Top Ranking competitor per page component, for each individual targeted keyword(s)

Search engine view report

SEO Audit report covering visibility of target keywords per page component, including:

  • page elements for Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Headings
  • Bold Text
  • Italicised Text
  • Link Anchors
  • Img Alt Text
  • Body Text.

Website backlink SEO analysis report

Audit report covering website backlink information, including:

  • Domain statistics
  • Current backlink statuses
  • Backlink quantity (by domain) – Graphical representation
  • Alexa rank & Google page rank distribution
  • Backlink domain age
  • Backlink geography
  • Backlink TLD
  • Text/Image backlink
  • Follow/Nofollow links
  • Anchor URLS & Texts
  • Top backlinks by value

 Website backlinks report

  • Detailed backlink audit report, broken down by individual backlink.


Get a complete Search Engine Optimisation Report set AND a complete set of Website SEO Analysis Audit Reports to enable you (or preferred 3rd Party SEO specialists) to complete your own SEO management:

Complete Initial Set of reports + 2x Follow-up (on request) Sets of Reports


Ad-hoc (Subsequent) Follow-up Reports


Tamworth SEO Solutions – Specialist in SEO for Google

Tamworth SEO are local SEO specialists and offer SEO web design & local SEO solutions (inc. SEO for Google) for small business. For more information on how Tamworth SEO could help you increase the visibility of your website / page on the internet, and get better website rankings (hopefully Bing, Yahoo and Google front page ) or if you are looking for your own SEO Ranking Report, a bespoke Search Engine Optimisation Report, Website SEO Analysis or external SEO management – Get a Tamworth SEO quote today.

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seo, audit, seo ranking, search engine optimisation report, seo solutions, seo for google, seo specialists, website seo analysis, seo management
seo, audit, seo ranking, search engine optimisation report, seo solutions, seo for google, seo specialists, website seo analysis, seo management
 seo, audit, report, seo solutions, seo specialists, website seo analysis, seo management, tamworth seo
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