What is S.E.O

What is Professional Website Search Engine Optimisation SEO?

SEO is the term used to describe Search Engine Optimisation (or Website Optimisation), this involves the practice (typically by professional website search engine optimisation companies or SEO Agencies, or a web marketing agency) of improving & promoting a particular website with the objective to improve website ranking, and increasing the number of visitors the site receives from the major search engines, and ultimately to attempt to get on the first page on google.
There are multiple factors involved in Search Engine Optimisation, from the structure of the website, the actual amount of words on the page, to whether they are Bold, Italic, big or small, the images, their alternate text,  the number of backlinks to your site, and the quality of those back links and the science is getting all of these factors (amongst many others) just right; in that ‘not enough’ and your site will under perform, and ‘too many’ and your site will run the risk of being penalised for keyword stuffing.
The ranking of your specific website or page against a given search term is determined by complex (and regularly changing) algorithms executed by the major search engines. Typically Google will update its algorithms over 500 times a year, but whilst most of these updates are minor, occasionally there will be major updates (e.g. Google Panda & Google Penguin) that can and indeed have, made significant changes to search results for a significant number of websites.

Why do I need SEO Search Engine Optimisation companies / SEO Agencies to improve website ranking?

Whilst search engines are clever, they do still need help. The major search engines are continually updating the way rankings are determined (through updating their Algorithms) and improving the technology used to crawl the web more deeply to ultimately return better quality results to users. This said, there is still a limit to how cleverly search engines can operate, and given the correct website search engine optimisation (SEO) this can net you significantly more visitors and increased attention, just as inadequate or incorrect SEO can hide or bury your website deep in the search results where visibility is minimal.
In addition to making your website content more easily available to search engines, search engine optimisation (SEO) also helps boost rankings so that your website content will be placed where searchers (and potential customers) will more readily find it.
The Internet is becoming increasingly more competitive, and therefore companies and organisations who engage SEO consultants / SEO marketing companies to perform professional SEO will have a distinct advantage in terms of visitors and customers.

Tamworth SEO Consultants – Specialist for First Page on Google

Tamworth SEO are local web marketing agency and offer professional search engine optimisation / website optimisation for small business. For more information on how Tamworth SEO could help you increase the visibility of your website / page on the internet, and improve website rankings (hopefully first page on Google, BingYahoo ) or if you are looking for your own SEO Ranking Report, a bespoke Search Engine Optimisation Report, Website SEO Analysis or external SEO management – Get a Tamworth SEO quote today.
For more information on how Tamworth SEO could help you increase the visibility of your website / page on the internet, and get better rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo – Get a SEO optimisation quote today.


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