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  • affordable, birmingham, google
  • local seo, affordable, birmingham, google
  • affordable, birmingham, google
  • affordable, birmingham, google


Welcome to the : Local Tamworth SEO Services Company
(Your Local SEO Company)

With Tamworth SEO Services company carrying out affordable Search Engine Optimisation services (S.E.O) & website optimisation for Google for your website, it is possible to gain significantly more traffic to your website, increase sales revenue, and enhance your Brand Visibility.
We are a Local & affordable Search Engine Optimisation Company offering professional Search Engine Optimisation services, aimed at naturally promoting the organic search engine rankings of your website using the following strategy:
  • 100% Ethical and White Hat practices.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Monthly progress Report.
  • On going Support.
We deploy the following organic S.E.O services:
  • Search Engine Ranking Audit Reports
  • Website Audit Reports
  • Affordable Search Engine Optimisation (On/Off Page)
  • Social Media

Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Services (SEO) – Analysis & Tuning.

This includes full analysis of your website (inc Structure, navigation, Content, and Back-links), your chosen keyword/phrases, and your competitors websites and rankings.
Whilst this will significantly increase the visibility of your website in the major search engine rankings (particularly if you operate in  a niche market), we cannot make any guarantees (and please be very weary of anyone who does preach you a guarantee) as to specifically how much your rankings will be promoted.
In essence the science of S.E.O is highly competitive, with everybody demanding the pole position for anything remotely related to their business, that is typed into a search engine.  This is not how S.E.O/Rankings work, however there are plenty of businesses out there looking to profit from short term results using either white-hat or black-hat methods in an attempt to manipulate the search engines and get fast high ranking results.
We do not condone this method of S.E.O practice on the basis that the ‘high ranking’ results are often short lived, the underhanded google search optimisation techniques used are more often than not soon identified by the search engines, and the end result is that your website will be demoted in ranking or even blacklisted & dropped completely from the index.
We use trusted S.E.O analysis tooling, and through meticulous analysis of all S.E.O aspects of your site, we will manually apply S.E.O tuning to your website pages. This will (as with anyone else) require us to have access to your website source-code, so that the identified changes can be applied.
The changes we apply are carefully managed and are performed based on the recommendations of the latest S.E.O Toolset analysis,  on an ‘extremely educated’ trial & error basis, with the final benefit of some of the optimisation sometimes not visible for several weeks, or whenever your website is re-indexed.
Formal S.E.O analysis, tuning & optimisation from a professional Search Engine Optimisation company will also establish the best performing keyword/phrases your competitors are using, together with those most searched for by search engine visitors (obviously these are the most lucrative).

 Search Optimisation (SEO) / Website Optimisation (Google)

We are an Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Company Birmingham, East Midlands, West Midlands, Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Nuneaton, and surrounding areas, and target for website optimisation google, bing, and yahoo.
If you are looking for affordable/cheap seo packages, from a reliable & trustworthy local S.E.O management provider, look no further than Tamworth SEO Services.

Your Local SEO Company…

For more information on our S.E.O services and how your affordable SEO services company, Tamworth SEO could help you increase the visibility of your website / page on the internet, and get better rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo – Get a Free Tamworth SEO Quote today.


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